Shanxi Sanshuihe Technology CO., LTD specialized in research, development and production of high pressure processing (HPP) equipments. HPP technology is applied in vegetable and fruit products, meat prouducts, dairy, traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics and other fields. SSH focused on HPP technology promotion more than twelve years. SSH builed HPP production line of fruit, seafood, pharma-cosmetic and so on.

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As a new non-thermal sterilization technology, HPP technology is also suitable for the cosmetics industry. Ultra-high pressure can inactivate viruses and bacteria under low temperature conditions, greatly reducing the damage caused by high-temperature sterilization. Functionally sensitive and active heat sensitive molecules (vitamins, proteins, etc.) will be retained by this method. It is suitable for the development of new formula products with low sensitization and less preservatives.
The main advantages of HPP cosmetics:
- Do not use irritating additives.
- Retain bioactive ingredients.
--Homogeneous effect on cosmetics to improve product stability.
- It is safer to pack before sterilization.