Shanxi Sanshuihe Technology CO., LTD specialized in research, development and production of high pressure processing (HPP) equipments. HPP technology is applied in vegetable and fruit products, meat prouducts, dairy, traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics and other fields. SSH focused on HPP technology promotion more than twelve years. SSH builed HPP production line of fruit, seafood, pharma-cosmetic and so on.

Sauce Dips and Salsa
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HPP technology is widely used in sauce products. Due to uniform pressure and thorough sterilization, and there is no strong temperature change in the whole sterilization proces. The original color, aroma, taste and nutrients of the sauce can be perfectly preserved. The taste is kept at its best. It is even more advantageous for the development of low-salt and preservative-free sauce products.
The main advantages of HPP sauces:
- Maintain the distinctive taste, aroma and nutrition of the sauce.
- Sterilized enough, no need to add preservatives.
- Develop more nutritionally valuable sauce products.