Shanxi Sanshuihe Technology CO., LTD specialized in research, development and production of high pressure processing (HPP) equipments. HPP technology is applied in vegetable and fruit products, meat prouducts, dairy, traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics and other fields. SSH focused on HPP technology promotion more than twelve years. SSH builed HPP production line of fruit, seafood, pharma-cosmetic and so on.

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HPP technology is a non-thermal processing technology, which can avoid the adverse effects of nutrient loss and flavor change caused by heat treatment.So it can satisfy people's pursuit of fresh, nutritious and healthy dairy products. Ultra-high pressure sterilization maintains the activity of immunoglobulins, lipases, and enhances the curd properties of raw milk.It will provide more functional and innovative dairy products to enter the market.
The main advantages of HPP dairy products:
- Nutritional ingredients such as vitamin A and vitamin C are more retained.
- The activity of calcium is improved, and it is more easily absorbed by the human body.
- Effectively extend shelf life for fresh milk and yogurt.