Shanxi Sanshuihe Technology CO., LTD specialized in research, development and production of high pressure processing (HPP) equipments. HPP technology is applied in vegetable and fruit products, meat prouducts, dairy, traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics and other fields. SSH focused on HPP technology promotion more than twelve years. SSH builed HPP production line of fruit, seafood, pharma-cosmetic and so on.

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Sanshuihe won the title of "High-tech Enterprise"

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Administration of the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises (No. 32 of the National Science and Technology Fire [2016]) and the Guidelines for the Administration of the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises (No. 195 of the National Science Fire [2016],
Shanxi Sanshuihe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanshuihe") is recognized as a "high-tech enterprise".
Sanshuihe has been awarded the honorary title of "High-tech Enterprise" since it was certified as "Small and Medium-sized Technological Enterprises".
This is another gratifying achievement Sanshuihe has made in improving its independent innovation ability and taking the road of sustainable development of innovation. It is also the recognition of the current R&D ability and innovation ability of the company by the relevant government departments.
Sanshuihe aims to provide customers with comprehensive HPP technology support and services, grow with customers and promote the application and development of HPP technology in China.
(Note: Sanshuihe is the second batch of high-tech enterprises No. 525)

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